• Bad News, Y'all: Your Hiring Process is Also Your Engineering Process

    You can not separate your hiring process from your team's culture. If the values and priorities of your team can be influenced by the hiring process, your hiring practices should resemble good engineering practices. Namely: move fast, be test-driven, and communicate.

  • Going Agile When You Have No Authority

    Your team's development process is spaghetti. How can you possibly fix things? "Agile" isn't a magic word, and you're not even a manager. No matter what your role is, there are three things you can do: focus on problems instead of preferences, lead your team instead of managing them, and make the process work for you instead of being slave to the process.

  • Live Style Guides for Teams, Powered by DocumentJS

    A Live Style Guide generator built for designers, developers, and everyone in-between.

  • Synthesis and Facilitation: Designing for Secure User Actions

    For my honors thesis, I argued that user-centric design is vital in security systems and the design of a secure system should be based on a synthesis of goals based on both security and usability tasks.

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