Primary Audience: Engineers including devops and leads

Key Takeaway

You and your team are users. Architecture, tools, devops, etc. decisions are design decisions.

Point 1

Engineers are humans and must be treated as such.

Detail 1a

Loss aversion, Status quo bias, & Anchoring

Detail 1b

Herd mentality, convention, “the way things are headed”

Detail 1c

Cognitive load In LIFT principle, DRY comes last

  • Locating our code is easy
  • Identify code at a glance
  • Flat structure as long as we can
  • Try to stay DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) or T-DRY

Point 2

What makes a design decision, good?

Detail 2a

It solves a problem

Detail 2b

It is easy for users

Detail 2c

It is supported by everyone

Point 3

Articulate those design decisions!

Detail 3a

Move them from “what I like” to “what works”

Detail 3b

Give up control, check your ego at the door, lead with a yes, listen!

Detail 3c

Remember both audiences: the person writing code and the human person reading it after them