Primary Audience: Engineers/engineering leads who are building a team

Key Takeaway

Your hiring process will match your team whether you like it or not. So this is partially about the way I think a software engineering team should work. Namely: moving fast, testing, and communicating.

Point 1

Move fast.

Detail 1a

Candidate Rot Communicate promptly

Detail 1b

Fail early Free disposal–don’t be afraid of missing someone good and saving time

Detail 1c

Involve the right people Empower your engineers to hire–managers don’t do code reviews Recruiters are for saving time ONLY. They are incapable of representing your team’s interest.

Point 2

TDH - Test-driven hiring

Detail 2a

Know what you’re testing for before you write anything / define the expected value

Detail 2b

Define the expectation and test the actual, not the theoretical

Detail 2c

Remember Boundary Conditions

  • Stress
  • Process experience

Point 3

Don’t replace communication with documentation

Detail 3a

Communicate beforehand, not when it’s too late

Detail 3b

Checklists and templates are necessary BUT NOT SUFFICIENT

Detail 3c

Pair, then trust